Hi, I'm Max and I like to convert vans, build things and create music!

What do I do?

I am 16 years old and I do many things, I would like to live in a van and I have converted my mum's and my dad's van and you can read more about what I have done here. Another thing I do is build products out of wood which I sell here to make a little bit of money. And I also produce music on my laptop which I use in my videos and you can listen to it or buy it here.

My Products

My Work and Products

Along with building my parents vans, and school, I also build small items and products which YOU can buy here, so you can see the stuff I make and support me to get my own van in the near future and convert it! I would very much appreciate it if you were to purchase one of my products on my store. I hand make everything myself in a small shed at my dad's and I am trying to make this business grow so I can save up and purchase my dream van!

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